Dream Team

We’re a collection of diverse creatives, innovators and intellects, working together to transform the way people encounter, connect and nurture business relationships. The team who work here have reimagined the way people connect, giving you everything you need in one application.

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Jahan A. - Head Honcho

Jahan A.

Head Honcho

Ghazanfar A. - The Dreamer

Ghazanfar A.

The Dreamer

Jennifer K. - The Money Girl

Jennifer K.

The Money Girl


Farhad N. - The Creator

Farhad N.

The Creator

Farhan A. - Android Cheetah

Farhan A.

The Showmaker

Errol C. - The Hacker

Errol C.

The Hacker

Jagraj S. - The Master Builder

Jagraj S.

The Master Builder

Past Team

Shannon P. - The Hawker

Shannon P.

The Hawker

Jibola F. - The Artist

Jibola F.

The Artist

Zahra A. - The Mathematician

Zahra A.

The Mathematician