Share your digital card anywhere and with anyone wirelessly; Send it in a simple swipe or via secure QR, email or SMS.

Event Checkin

Network in a way that works for you! Check-in to an event by choosing your card and goals. Make yourself discoverable and connect with others at the event.


Share your card via SMS or email with anyone, or make it as an email signature. We’ll help you grow your network faster.

Pick cards

Connect with like minded people who’ve dropped their cards at events, coffee shops and anywhere you can find. Make your network grow faster with people near-by.

Drop card, Anywhere

Invite others to connect with you by virtually dropping your card at any location for others to collect. Be it at events, coffee shops or any place of your choice.

XapCard App Card Details

Business Card


Business cards are still a thing, but collecting and organizing them isn’t fun. Convert paper to digital is with 99.9% data accuracy, thanks to a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Human Verification.

Organize & Search

Contacts are automatically organized and are searchable by date received, name, date, job title, company, tags and location.

Sync Contacts

XAPCARD™ keeps your contacts always up-to-date. A change made by the owner of the card is automatically reflected


XAPCARD™ offers more ways to organize. Make custom groups to organize cards - as many as you like.

Contacts Backup

Sync with contacts app on your phone to keep a backup of your contacts

Card Editor

Design to impress

Your networking start by creating a XAPCARD™. Design a custom card or choose from professionally designed templates in seconds. XAPCARD™ is for every profession and passion. Tell your story before you speak!

See how it works
XapCard App Card Details


We value your privacy and that is why we offer private and public private modes. You control what and how it gets shared. Private cards cannot be accessed unless shared by their owner. Public cards are search engine indexable.


Access your contacts and notes anywhere. The app is designed to work both online and offline. You can even exchange card when there is no wifi or data connection.


Make your relationships more memorable. Add text, picture or even audio quickly to cards you receive.


With automatic reminders, you will never forget to follow-up with the people you meet. Add notes to the cards you receive - ensure that important things don’t slip away.