Your journey to grow your network starts by creating your XAPCARD™. To help tell your inspiring story to others, we’ve reinvented the business card!


Control your


We respect your privacy to network and share in a way that works for you. When you create your XAPCARD™ it is set to private mode so you are in control of who can see and share you card. The fastest way to grow your network is to change mode to public. It makes your card viewable and sharable by everyone, not to mention it also makes it search engine indexable.

digital cards
digital cards



No matter what privacy mode of your card is, the intro section is always visible to everyone - with the information completely in your control. Use heading, title, photo and logo wisely to promote yourself, your business or brand wisely.

Share Any


Create your card without the design clutter. From name, personal, business contact, social media, to bio or any custom information - add anything you like. Create multiple cards with different information and be in control of what you share. Add tags to your card to make it searchable.

XapCard App Card Details

Your Visual and

Inspiring Story

Whether you’re a hobbyist, working professional, an entrepreneur, a small business or a large corporation, the card creator helps you build a visually inspiring story. Create your XAPCARD with single side or as many as you can. Add custom text and styling, social media and hyperlinks, shapes, logos, backgrounds, images, photos, animations and transitions to enhance your personal, business or brand image.


But Better

Choose from dozens of professionally designed templates to help you start networking faster.

We’re changing the way everyone thinks about business cards!

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